On the basis of Kaermu to meet customer needs at the same time, also in terms of quality to the pursuit of excellence.

Always focus on strict and precise quality monitoring. The introduction of foreign advanced testing equipment: the American TSL8530 dust meter, the British HTV-M formaldehyde direct reader, the particle counter, the air sampler, the spectrophotometer, the finished product efficiency test stand. All devices have the advantages of stability, efficiency and intelligence.

Continue to invest in resources, draw the 3 major monitoring technologies at home and abroad (filter efficiency test for hole filter, air cleaning machine air volume test, filter efficiency test). At the same time, we set up a chemical laboratory: 30M3 particle CADR experimental warehouse; 30M3 harmful gas CADR experimental warehouse; 3M3CCM experimental warehouse; 1M3 harmful gas experimental warehouse.

With sophisticated technology and strict testing, we aim to bring products that are safe, high quality and reassuring.