How often should I change filters? Can I wash it?


Pre-filter is the most common filter to be seen, it’s usually the first stage of filter, and it filters large objects and particles. Dust gets trapped on it after using the air purifier for a while, which increase resistance for fresh air to be recycled. Therefore, cleaning the pre-filter is part of the work.

Pre-filter can be cleaned every 1-2 times a month, and when cleaning, take off the pre-filter and use vacuum cleaner or towels to get the dust off. If the filter is water tolerated, make sure to dry the filter before putting it back into the air purifier.

HEPA filters cannot be washed without clear description of saying it’s ok to do so. Under heavy pollution in mainland China, HEPA filter’s lifespan is usually 3 months or less. Make sure you do change it often to achieve the best air quality.

Though it’s costlier to change HEPA filter, cleaning it with vacuum cleaner can increase the lifespan by some percentage. But if black can be seen clearly on the filter, we suggest to change it as soon as possible.