Advantages of air filter network


Stainless steel wire, copper wire, nickel wire, etc. can be used as raw materials for air filtration network. In recent years, the filter made of plastic raw silk is also useful, only the filter net made of the effect and service life is far less than the wire made of metal wire.

The air filter network can be divided into four types: coarse, medium, sub efficient and efficient. The coarse and medium effect is suitable for the new air filtration, that is, the primary filtration of the ventilation system, mainly filtering the dust and granular objects in the air, and the filter efficiency of the high efficiency and high efficiency filter section has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency and low resistance. For airborne bacteria, the filtration effect can reach 100%.

The outer frame of air filter net is made of rigid, moistureproof hard paper frame. There will be no deformation or damage of filter screen during operation.

Air filter or environmental protection product can be reused. When the filtration effect of the air filter is not good, it can be cleaned, and the cleaning method is very simple. It is only necessary to rinse the air filter in the diluted detergent water several times.