How to maintain the fan coil air filter net?


Air filter is an important component of fan coil for purifying and returning air. It usually uses filter net or multilayer metal mesh made of chemical fiber material. Due to the location of the fan coil, the length of the working hours and the different use conditions, the cleaning cycle and cleaning way are different. Under normal circumstances, it should be cleaned once a month during continuous use, if cleaning.

Not in time, the hole plugging of the filter network is very serious, which will greatly reduce the air supply of the fan coil, and the cooling (heat) amount to the room will be greatly reduced, thus affecting the quality of room temperature control.

The cleaning mode of air filter net should be considered from the angle of convenience, shortcut and small workload. The cleaning method of vacuum cleaner is the first choice. The greatest advantage of this method is that the filter net should not be dismantled when cleaning. For the wet, heavy, and sticky dust that are not easy to absorb, it is necessary to use the dismantling filter net to rinse or scrub with water or to wash it with water.

The cleaning work of the air filter is the most frequent and workload in the maintenance work of the fan coil, which must be given full attention and reasonable arrangement.