"To create opportunities for employees", the competition of the enterprise is the competition of talents. Qualified employees are the final resources of the enterprise. The survival and development of the enterprise need the joint efforts of the employees to achieve. The growth and development opportunities of the employees are provided by the continuous development of the enterprises. The enterprise is the carrier for the employees to survive and realize their self value. The enterprise has the responsibility to meet the spiritual and material requirements of the employees. It has the responsibility to create conditions for the development of employees and the realization of self-worth while providing the employees with reasonable remuneration and Living welfare guarantee, so that the employees can get better in the enterprise. Opportunities for growth and development, to achieve their pursuit.

"Create benefit for society" to all the staff of the mission Kaermu. Enterprises should create profits and taxes for the society, provide valuable products and services for the society, create more and better employment opportunities for the society, cultivate high-quality talents for the society, and create a healthy material and spiritual civilization for the society. At the same time, we also undertake the mission of revitalizing the national economy and developing the national industry. We should use our integrated resources and unified culture to create the greatest benefits for the society and the unified culture.

Dedication, team, innovation

This is on the basis of summarizing and refining the previous spirit of the enterprise, combining with the requirements of the present era and the industrial development, further sublimating and concentrating, in order to concentrate on the enterprise spirit that our enterprise most needs at present.

The spirit of "dedication" is the responsibility and enterprising of the cause, the work of excellence and meticulous, to their own strict self-discipline and never complacent, to the dedication and dedication of the enterprise. Only the dedication of the staff, enterprises can be entrusted with the task.

The spirit of "team" is to emphasize that every employee must have a sense of integrity in the enterprise, to communicate with each other, to support each other in the work, and to advocate personal success on the premise of collective success. Only employees who focus on teamwork can achieve real success in our business.

The spirit of "innovation" has always been one of the excellent cultures that support the rapid growth of our enterprises. We inherit and develop her because we believe that all our products, services, management and mechanism have further and perfect space, and the "innovation" we advocate is the creation of our successful experience. New. Innovation is to pursue excellence and win competition.

The concept of enterprise is the highest action program of our enterprise. The highest standards of behavior of our employees are the benchmarks to measure the accuracy of our decision, management, system and behavior image. Every employee, especially the management staff, must understand and bear in mind the goals, purposes and spirit of our company.